Rocking Chairs

High quality and handcrafted

Steckmest Furniture Design is a one-man shop building high quality, handcrafted furniture since 1980. In over twenty four years of experience, I have built well over one thousand rocking chairs. An evolutionary process has brought The Cashmere Rocker to a climax design in contemporary rocking chairs.

My specially crafted pieces are found in homes and offices throughout the United States in a variety of interior environments, contemporary and eclectic alike.

My work reflects historically sound woodworking techniques. Harvesting the best methods of past generations trials and errors, I have gleaned the best and added my creativity and design sense.

Construction of the "Cashmere Rocker" requires exacting bandsaw work,along with time consuming techinques using hand held grinders, rasps and a variety of sanders.

Catalyzed laquer is the finish I use on my work. I have used many other finishes over the years and have found this finish to be the most attractive both in feel and durability. The sheen is "dull rubbed" which has a soft sheen without extreme gloss. It's alot like the luster achieved with a hand rubbed oil finish but is much more durable and waterproof.

The Cashmere Rocker, was named for Steckmest Furniture Designs original riverfront location in Cashmere, Washington.

With well over one thousand satisfied customers, I'm confident you will find my rockers to be in both quality and comfort the best in the contemporary market.


Rocking Chair Pricing

Cherry, wood seat, $2,100.00
Cherry, leather upholstered seat, $2,175.00
Walnut, wood seat, $2,500.00
Walnut, leather upholstered seat, $2,575.00
Rosewood stain on cherry, wood seat, $2,250
Rosewood stain on cherry, leather upholstered seat, $2,325.00


Ottoman Pricing

Cherry, $375.00
Walnut, $425.00
Rosewood on cherry, $425.00

Upholstered Styles