Cutting Boards

luxurious smooth food safe finish

The collection shown (click to enlarge images) include a selection of cutting boards in various woods. I offer both face grain and end grain construction. They both work well. The end grain better suited for heavy cutting/chopping. My larger boards are end grain for that reason. You may find your knives stay sharper with this type of board because the blade in effect is going into the somewhat more forgiving end grain. End grain also allows for interesting and contrasting design patterns.

I offer the boards in various sizes, wood types and design to suit your needs and tastes. All of them are large enough to have ample space for preparation and yet still light enough to hold with one hand and use a utensil to clear the board into a bowl or waiting stove top pan. The larger chopping style boards are perfect for more or less stationary use and make an attractive addition to your counter top. This type of board has wood legs and/or rubber feet to elevate it off the counter top and allow air to circulate for thorough drying.

All the boards have a luxurious smooth food safe mineral oil and wax finish. a cutting board care sheet will be sent along with your purchase. Cutting board inventory always changing, call or email for boards currently available.

Ed Steckmest

2821 N. 28th St.
Boise, ID 83703