The life of a studio craftsman

Woodworking is something I've been interested in for as long as I can remember. After twenty seven years as a professional furniture maker, being in the shop is as much a life style as a job. Designing and making furniture is a passion of mine that in the best of times is an ongoing process of exploration. It's avocation and vocation, work and play.

I have always been attracted to elemental pursuits. Woodworking is one of the basic hands-on vocations that maintains its basic honesty even in polished refinement.

The life of a studio craftsman really hasn't changed all that much over the past century. Machinery has developed and some tools have changed. The raw material, from this generation of trees comes through the shop door looking nearly the same as it did in yesteryear. The success of the finished piece depends on the skill and experience of the craftsman.

My style is contemporary. Craftsman such as Sam Maloof, Alan Peters and George Nakshima, as well as Charles and Henry Greene, Charles Rennie Makintosh and the Shakers have all been influences and inspiration of my work. Individual pieces form various disciplines inspire me more than any one historical period.


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  • • Interior Designers of Idaho


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